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Fruit Centerpieces, Carving Classes, Life Coach Mentoring,

Food Service Consulting​, Inspiring Speaking

The best way to find out about Carl's speaking, consulting or fruit carving:
Email Carlor text 731-234-9355

LIVE Cooking and Tasting Event!

Carl works with your staff to prepared a four course tasting dinner with a Live on Stage cooking show!  If you have a chef or food service director who enjoys being on stage, we'll design a show to make them a star!

Carl prepares the dish on stage in front of the guests, sharing tips, techniques and fun stories as the guests are served each course.  

Carl presents a variety of inspirational topics for you to choose.

  • The Anatomy of Taste - a strategy for healthier eating and living.  This is great for those looking to improve their diets, improve digestion and lose weight.  

  • The Anatomy of Kindness:  Carl takes the audience on a journey of living with depression, anxiety or post traumatic stress through acts of service and kindness

To Take full advantage of Carl's visit, consider having Carl do a thorough kitchen and food ministry assessment.