I know how to help

God called me to use my training, experience and talents to help food ministries improve food, increase safety, and reduce costs!

Consulting visits typically begin with a thorough assessment of the needs.  Once the opportunities for improvements have been identified, a plan of action is presented.  


Multiple Solutions for a complex job!



Staff Motivation 

Kitchen design

Food Presentation  

Holding Food with Purpose   

Better food increases attendance!

Hear your members say, "Come to fellowship dinner with me , people are Raving about our Food."

Learn how to improve your food with Carl's "Anatomy of Taste - Depth of Flavor" course.

Safety first!
Don't serve illness to your members or guests.  Unfortunately, 'covered dish' dinners are contributing to more incidences of food bourn illness.  Carl will do a full assessment of food safety procedures and design a plan to protect your ministry.

Better Stewardship through controlling costs 

Be good stewards of God's money through smarter purchasing, receiving, storage, inventory controls and waste prevention.  You'll learn proven strategies and systems to 

Don't miss out on community events

Increase food ministry success by facility rental and amazing catering.  Bring precious dollars to the ministry.
Liability, pricing, and marketing.

Optimize Your Catering Services!
Carl has mentored and trained professional caterers for almost 20 years.  He stays on top of the latest trends, techniques and procedures.
Fabulous Wedding Receptions

Many churches do beautiful receptions for brides.  Carl will show your staff techniques and design rule to create even more stunning buffets!
Professional Server Training for Banquets

This is a lively, fun and interactive class teaching your service staff the proper way to serve guests at plated dinners using synchronized service and many other styles.

Do you need an entertaining

& inspirational speaker?

Mentoring, Consulting, Training

​​​A few more details

God called Carl Jones into helping food ministries a few years ago. Now he is using his experience and talents to help faith-based organizations enhance and​ develop a strong food ministry that glorifies God and saves precious ministry dollars.  Carl has 34 years of experience in the food service industry. He has consulted and trained top chefs, catering companies, restaurants, and food ministries for 20 years.  

Does your church food ministry need help?

  • ​​Build a strong food ministry to build fellowship within the church and create an outreach to the community.
  • Being good stewards of God's money through standards, systems, and accountability.
  • Learn exciting menus and amazingly delicious recipes!
  • Develop a strong team of volunteers to serve the church.
  • Help with designing a new kitchen or renovating an existing kitchen.
  • Create a self sustaining food ministry – there's no reason to lose money.
  • Develop a Take-Away-Meals program for busy families in the church and community.
  • Learn how to cater Community events and utilize your venue.
  • Learn how to create functionable and attractive buffets.
  • Learn the best techniques serve plated dinners - hot, fresh, and fast!

The Fruit Carver  The Food Artist   The Food Stylist

Fruit Centerpieces, Carving Classes, Life Coach Mentoring,

Food Service Consulting​, Inspiring Speaking

The best way to find out about Carl's speaking, consulting or fruit carving:
Email Carlor text 731-234-9355

Whether you are a church serving fellowship suppers or a community banquet, Carl will help you make it even better!

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Learn how to create stunning presentation without an art degree!

Save your ministry precious dollars by joining

over 6,000 other faith based ministries, churches,

camps and missions.  There are no membership fees, only savings by sharing buying power with other ministries.
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Learn how to create tray garnishes that will amaze your guests!

The best way to find out about Carl's speaking, consulting or fruit carving:
Email Carlor call 731-234-9355