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Sessions, Classes and Courses

Mindfulness Based Fruit Carving Classes 
Fruit carving is a wonderful skill to possess.  Fruit Carving is multi-dimensional art.  To do it, one must be present in the moment, paying close attention while carving.  Getting into the "Carving Zone" takes preparation and mindfulness.  Carl teaches how to enter into the "Carving Zone" to maximize creativity and relaxation.  Classes are typically three hours and include personal or small group instruction.  Students receive a carving mat, carving knife, and bandaids.  Fruit is also included.

Professional Fruit Carving Classes
Do you want to carve fruit professionally?  Carl teaches you his unique Mindfulness Based Fruit Carving and how to build a business as a fruit carver.  Carl has created beautiful fruit centerpieces for many special events and weddings, including Ivanka Trump's wedding in 2009.  

Whether you sell individual fruit carvings or travel to carve a stunning fruit centerpiece, you'll need to learn a few critical marketing and business skills to maximize your value.  One of the number one issues of a new caterer or event professional is how much to charge and how to make sure you get paid what you are worth.  Carl brings his extensive background as a professional caterer and mentor to hundreds of catering professional across the country.

Are you a chef, prep cook or garde manger?  Many hotels are seeking chefs and prep cooks who also possess the skill of fruit carving.  A fruit carver has a competitive advantage over others applying for the same position.  It also commands a higher rate of pay.  Carl will also teach you how to do a variety of plate and tray garnishes.

Exhibits and Workshops

Carl travels throughout the country doing fruit carving exhibits, workshops and classes at Farmer's Market's, Fine Grocery stores, Festivals, Trade Shows and Fairs,  Carl draws and crowd and enhances the shopping experience of customers!  A fruit carving exhibit brings attention to whatever you are promoting!

Living Mindfully Course
You'll learn:

Stress Reducing Mindfulness you can do anytime, anywhere.
EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique - Tapping to overcome fear and anxiety.
Depression and Anxiety -  the Gratitude Cure.
Healthy Cooking - Mindfully.
Physically fit.
Attracting a better life.

Body Awareness Meditation
Mindful Conversation - what people are really saying.

Mindful driving, the end of road rage.

​​Mindfulness Living Mentoring for Caterers, Restaurateurs, Business Owners.

​Carl travels to meet face to face with you for two, all day mentoring sessions.   
Those days involve using mindfulness while cooking, eating, walking, driving, in conversations, in traffic, and throughout the day.  You'll learn how to carve fruit and design stunning fruit trays.  You'll learn how to cook even better than you do, with Carl's little know kitchen techniques.

More about Healing Art Therapy - A journey to happiness

"Fruit Carving saved my life, my joy and my peace.  When I started carving fruit, I was suffering from depression,  anxiety and high blood pressure.  My doctor recommend that I get a hobby; something I could do when feeling anxious and overwhelmed by major trauma I had recently faced.  I chose fruit carving as it allowed me to remain productive and do something that contributed to the success of my catering business.One on one mentoring for those seeking a happier life with less stress.

Carving Fruit became such a passion that I would carve several hours per day.  Even now, ten years later, fruit carving brings me joy and relief when I face life's challenges.  Naturally practice and passion brings great skill and talent.  My fruit carving is now supporting me as I create centerpieces for weddings throughout the U.S., do carving exhibits at trade show, grocery stores, farmers' markets, teaching classes and spreading this joy to others." says Carl Jones.

People who suffer from stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, or PTSD can be healed using many therapies available.  I believe that the use of these techniques along with a belief in God and involving Him in the process leads to a happy life.

FOOD ART is an effective therapy for the healing of stress, anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress.

How it works
As you work with your hands to create works of art, you are inspired to focus and be in the moment. Unlike painting, fruit carving stimulates multidimensional thinking. Multidimensional thinking is strengthened with repetition. Multidimensional thinking opens new pathways in the brain. Most people find that as they learn to carve fruit, just like any skill; it takes practice. When we practice, we notice subtle improvements each day.

Carl's fruit carving classes are more than just carving fruits and vegetables, they are filled with thoughts about stress release through food art. Students learn how to do simple, yet powerful relaxation exercises and coherent breathing techniques to enter into the creativity zone

Beyond the mental and physical benefits of food art therapy, there are many other benefits. When we create art, we enjoy the self satisfying feelings of watching our hidden talents revealed. If we spend part of our day creating, our brains will respond with the release of 'feel good' hormones.  

"Fruit art brings joy and happiness to others. I enjoy carving in public because fruit art brings joy to those who witness the beauty of a carved watermelon. As people compliment my art they are saying nice things to me, such as, "Wow, you are amazing", and "You are so talented." Imagine what that does for my self esteem? As a former sufferer of P.T.S.D,

I receive positive reinforcement to my self esteem with each compliment."

The results of art therapy and healing through vegetable and fruit carving has led me to be more aware of others, seeing the emotions of joy and pain in the faces of others. I have become a kinder person. As I pass along kindness to others, I receive a boost of 'feel good' brain chemicals.

It is ironic that we take antidepressants to make us feel better. Doing random acts of kindness not only boost the 'feel good' chemicals of those who are on the receiving end of kindness. But, the person who is the giver of kindness also receives a boost of feel good chemicals in the brain.  Even those who witness the act of kindness receive a similar boost of feel good chemicals. Perhaps the cure for depression is kindness?  

Carl Franklin Jones

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