Conferences, retreats, and team building

Men's Ministries

Are you looking for interactive sessions attendees can really see their teeth into?  Carl not only teaches "chef quality" techniques, knife skills and recipes, he entertains and inspires with his life's anecdotes and humor.

"Master Barbecuing"

  • The art and science behind creating juicy and silky smooth smoked pork shoulders,
    ribs and chicken.   
  • Using Brines, Marinades and Rubs.
  • Grilling Vegetables and Mouthwatering Sides.
  • Classes are customized to the needs and time of the retreat.

"Organizing Successful Fundraisers"

  • Learn how to organize fundraising events.  
  • Food Safety Tips to protect your customers and church!
  • Cooking Amazing Foods that makes your community look forward to
    ​your fundraising events.
  • Marketing and Ticket Sales

"Impress Your Friends - Carve a flower in a melon!"

  • Yes you can learn to carve flowers in a melon by the end of this class!

Women's Ministries
Do you need fun, interactive and inspirational programs for your

women's ministry?

"Food Art Classes"

Carl teaches attendees how to create beautiful garnishes from fruits and vegetables.

  • Have fun learning how to create amazing centerpieces
    ​for parties and special events.
  • Imagine carving a beautiful watermelon basket for a friends baby shower!
  • Learn to arrange gorgeous platters for a wedding or parties 

"Making the most of Facebook to inspire others and glorify God."

Facebook is not evil, but sometimes the way we use it hurts other people.
​Carl Takes you on a journey to discover ways of using Social media to inspire and show Christian love.

"The Physiology of Kindness"

Did you know that being kind has an impact on the physiology of others? Not only does it impact the other person, it has a great impact on us. Carl takes a look at how kindness helped pull him from depression and anxiety.  This powerful presentation can truly change your life!

"Cooking Classes"

Choose from the following classes.

  • Tastier and healthier cooking
  • Comfort foods 101
  • Amazing appetizers and hors d'oeuvres
  • Kitchen techniques and skills

 YES, you can learn: Carl's teaching techniques helps his students learn much faster.   He teaches caterers, chef's, and people who love to entertain how to create beautiful fruit trays and amazing garnishes.  Building beautiful buffets is an art.  Carl also teaches classes on how to set up and create stunning food buffets.

Food Artistry Classes
Easy Food Garnishes
Fruit Carving for beginners
Fruit Carving for carvers wanting to improve skills.
Food Artistry Immersion Course (2 or 3 days) 6 hours per day.
Buffet Design
Plate Presentation
Building stunning trays

These classes are perfect for:
Hotel culinary staff

Church food-service ministries
Culinary students wanting to increase their marketability
Garden Clubs
Team building exercise
Disabled Veterans 
People wanting to start a catering business.
People who love throwing parties.

Trade Show Exhibits and Workshops

​CARL has been hired by several companies to attend and create a carving display to increase traffic to their booths at trade shows  Instead of attendees strolling by without glancing at their booth, people stop and stare, Then they slowly walk over and ask “what are you doing?”  The results have been amazing. 

This Engages the attendee in conversation and 9 times out of 10 they ask , “So what are you selling? Carl gives a brief summary of the products or services represented and introduces them to the sales rep. However, most of the time, Carl becomes a needed sales additional sales rep.  This comes in very handy as the booth becomes quite busy or if the sales rep has to take a break.

Since his background is public speaking, sales and business consulting, Carl represents the companies well.  He is also hired by the company to provide sales training to the Sales reps working the booth.

For more information, contact me at

Conference speaking and training sessions
Do you want to increase traffic to your trade show booth; fundraiser; grocery market?  

Carl's artistry and personality will draw a crowd!

Do you need entertaining seminars for your conference or convention?  

 Carl will charm the crowd with his humor and personality;

   Women's & Men's​ Ministries

The Fruit Carver  The Food Artist   The Food Stylist

Fruit Centerpieces, Carving Classes, Life Coach Mentoring,

Food Service Consulting​, Inspiring Speaking

The best way to find out about Carl's speaking, consulting or fruit carving:
Email Carlor text 731-234-9355

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The best way to find out about Carl's speaking, consulting or fruit carving:
Email Carlor call 731-234-9355