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Carl Franklin Jones, The Fruit Carver

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The best way to find out about Carl's mentoring speaking, consulting or fruit carving:
Email Carl or call 731-234-9355

The Fruit Carver - Fruit Carving Classses fruit carver for weddings, exhibits, tradeshows and events.

Mindfulness Journey:
Carl started carving fruit ten years ago as a therapy for treating "Post Traumatic Stress."  Carl has a successful background in the restaurant and catering business. However, life has many challenges that are "lessons" in reality.  Carl discovered a passion for helping others find their purpose and live a happier life. 

Carl is known throughout the world for his stunning fruit and vegetable carvings and displays.  He travels teaching, speaking, training others in how "Mindful Living" can help  others overcome stress and live a happy life!

The Fruit Carver  The Food Artist   The Food Stylist

Fruit Centerpieces, Carving Classes, Life Coach Mentoring,

Food Service Consulting​, Inspiring Speaking

The best way to find out about Carl's speaking, consulting or fruit carving:
Email Carlor text 731-234-9355